endowing your business with IT

Services :

Technowell Services Benefit

Adequate Technical Manpower with relevant competence.

Technical Guidance from IIT ,Guwahati

Proven work experience with various IT industry.

Scalability : With Manpower Technical Competency.

    Key Of Success

    The success of our company for software development is dependent on our ability to:
        1. Anticipate client needs.
        2. Adapt software solutions to these needs.
        3. Identify industries/organization that need software solutions.
    We identify organization's needs and our work is organized according to Quality system lifecycle activities with proper description , guidance and structure defined by ISO9000. Although , the actual software in, are produced out-of-house, we guarantee the customer the right solution.

    Technological Competencies

        1. Back-end: MS Access, SQL 2000 Server, Oracle, Mysql, Postgres Sql
        2. Front-end: Visual Basic, Developer 2000, SDK, Java, ASP, XML, JSP, C, C++, JSP, .Net Technology

    Software Services

        1. We will provide medium and large size organizations with enterprise collaborative solutions.
        2. We will also provide consulting services by helping organization recognize opportunities for using technology to streamline their business process.
        3. We will perform an analysis of all potential client's planning strategies and tactics as well as their degree of aptitude with application software and information technology .The goal of this analysis is to ensure that all clients get a solution that capabilities, whether they decide to implement or not they will have an expert analysis of their planning strategies.
        4. We will provide further value to our customers by ensuring that all product users are properly trained in the use of all software solutions with adequate guidelines.
        5. We will provide additional product value by modification or up gradation as and when needed.
        6. We maintain confidentiality of the organization management system involved in the development process.

    Technological Competencies

    1. Operating System :    Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, Novel NetWare, Sun Solaris, Sco UNIX, and Red Hat Linux.
    2. Mailing systems :   Exchange from Microsoft, Send mail from UNIX
    3. Database systems :   SQL from Microsoft, Oracle,
    4. Web server Support :   IIS from Microsoft, Apache from Unix etc.
    5. Security Systems :    Anti-Virus packages, firewall security, third party software for Backup etc.
    6. Network Device Support:    HUB, Switch, Router, and MUX etc
    7. Network Integration :   WAN/VSAT/VPN solutions & implementation with network integrators like CISCO, D-Link,


    a) FM (Facility management for an existing IT infrastructure of an organisation)
    b) RM (Remote Management of Data center, Micro center, Macro center)
    c) NOC (Network Operating Center-mailing system, Remote database, Web hosting)

    The following are some of the solutions and services rendered are :


    - ISDN, Leased Line Connectivity
    - Supply, configuration and installation of Routers & Switches
    - Implementation of Virtual Private Networks
    - Remote Access Service


    - NT, Netware, Linux, Unix and Cross platform connectivity
    - Supply and Installation of RAID & Backup systems
    - LAN Audits & Trouble shooting
    - Web Server configuration
    - E-mail system configuration

    Consultancy Service

    - Bandwidth Management
    - Network topology assessment
    - WAN upgrade advice

    Initial proposed support & services will be in the following areas:

    o Designing & Implementation of a new IT infrastructure (LAN & WAN)
    o System engineering and network planning
    o Internet, Intranet and workflow implementation
    o Mail and messaging solutions
    o Web Based Application development
    o Application design and implementation
    o Help Desk Solutions
    o Facilities management
    o Help Desk Services
    o AMCs and warranty support
    o Migration services
    We tend to move towards RM, NOC & software development in a wide range


    Today's economic climate creates a tremendous challenge to engineers, facilities managers, architects and others in design driven fields who have to manage and organize an increasing volume of large and specialty size documents, and at the same time control costs. Not only to archive and store a vast array of document types, but are also faced with managing technical documentation and revisions, reproducing old maps and charts, merging paper documents into CAD systems and integrating other types of essential documentation together into one computing environment.

    Computers continue to play a pivotal role in all design driven fields. CAD systems, databases, spreadsheets, word processors and related applications have all but replaced traditional paper documentation methods. Many companies are turning to scanning technology to quickly enter this information into their computer systems so it can be shared, organized and managed.

    We understand the new economy demands that organizations leverage their information assets to maintain advantage in a highly competitive environment. These assets include a large amount of paper based engineering drawings. We focus on supporting organizations to efficiently manage, modify and modernize a variety of engineering drawings to restore and maintain their value throughout the life cycle of our client company products and services.

    Our services allow a cost-effective and efficient environment to capture, manage, modernize and archive paper based engineering assets in a secure environment. Our clients then leverage the benefits of integrating these digitized drawings within their Engineering Management and Product development processes.

    1. Manual drawing to AutoCad.Dwg &Dxf file - (Scanned and digitized),
    2. All sizes {A-E, Roll and oversize drawings},
    3. We convert paper-based drawings to CAD format in DWG/DXF.
    4. Excellent Quality Control,
    5. File delivery via CD-ROM, E-mail,
    6. Final plots also available via Mail or courier service,
    7. Affordable Rates.

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