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Today's economic climate creates a tremendous challenge to engineers, facilities managers, architects and others in design driven fields who have to manage and organize an increasing volume of large and specialty size documents, and at the same time control costs. Not only to archive and store a vast array of document types, but are also faced with managing technical documentation and revisions, reproducing old maps and charts, merging paper documents into CAD systems and integrating other types of essential documentation together into one computing environment.

Computers continue to play a pivotal role in all design driven fields. CAD systems, databases, spreadsheets, word processors and related applications have all but replaced traditional paper documentation methods. Many companies are turning to scanning technology to quickly enter this information into their computer systems so it can be shared, organized and managed.

We understand the new economy demands that organizations leverage their information assets to maintain advantage in a highly competitive environment. These assets include a large amount of paper based engineering drawings. We focus on supporting organizations to efficiently manage, modify and modernize a variety of engineering drawings to restore and maintain their value throughout the life cycle of our client company products and services.

Our services allow a cost-effective and efficient environment to capture, manage, modernize and archive paper based engineering assets in a secure environment. Our clients then leverage the benefits of integrating these digitized drawings within their Engineering Management and Product development processes.

Drawing Conversion


Manual drawing to AutoCad.Dwg file - (Scanned and digitized),
All sizes {A-E, Roll and oversize drawings},
We convert paper-based drawings to CAD format in DWG/DXF.
Excellent Quality Control,
File delivery via CD-ROM, E-mail,
Final plots also available via Mail or courier service,
Affordable Rates.

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Drawings Commonly Converted

Architectural layouts and floor plans
Civil Engineering
Mechanical piece parts
Assembly drawings
Schematics, wiring diagrams, ladder logic, hydraulic circuits

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Drafting of Engineering drawings from Sketches, Data Sheets

File format conversion
Creating interactive Standard specification and symbol & block library reference document.
Automation in CAD through Autolisp programming.
Creating Interactive Drawing information in CDs.

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3D Drawing

3D wireframe & solid modelling
Interior renderings
Exterior renderings
Technical presentations
Interactive panoramic views of rendered images.

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Drawing management

Access control through user passwords.
Revision logs
Search engine customisation.
Retrieval, tracking & routing of drawings.
Scanning and vectorisation of drawings,Drawing Clean up

Our deliverable is a 'CAD perfect' CAD drawing. This includes real lines, arcs, circles, text as text, etc. At a minimum, each drawing is produced with 3-7 layers (levels) and colors. In addition, we often use client's layering scheme - at no extra cost.

We also offer as an option to go in and verify and fix each and every dimension in a drawing. So if the original sheet may be off by say 9%, we will go in and actually move any line / entity work required for it to be exactly correct. There is of course a small surcharge of 15-20% for this.

The delivery schedules are important to us. For quantities of 1-10 drawings, our delivery time is 3-4 days. We do not base our fees upon how soon Client needs the drawings, We expect them to receive their work CAD Perfect in scheduled period. If it is not, let us know and we can fix it. If Client are ever not happy with our work, we do not expect them to pay our bill. No hassles, no debate.

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We provide drafting services for:

3D Coordinated Plans
3D Modeling & Rendering
Electrical / Wiring
Pressure Vessels / Piping
Technical Illustration

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Most organizations realize the benefits of imaging instantly, such as

Reproduce superior quality drawings from poor quality originals.
Save time vs. digitizing tablets, redrawing, copying and printing documents.
Conversion from raster format to 100% CAD perfect geometry.
Enhanced service to clients at a lower cost.
Increased productivity and control.
Eliminate misplaced drawings and documentation.
Shared access to large files and databases

We offer complete Paper-to-CAD Conversions and CAD Drafting Services at competitive prices with the precision and quality that can be depend upon, however easy it may sound, conversion can be difficult. The ability to accurately capture old, smudged and dense information comes only after years of experience and processes which ensure that the output is accurate.

We utilize the latest standards and techniques to develop CAD projects. Having the original documents converted to CAD, enables to store the files in a more organized and efficient manner, giving greater flexibility and increasing productivity. we have skilled draftsmen working under domain experts to convert with consistency and diligent quality control.

Once a project is completed successfully, we will ensure that our simple knowledge management system manages the specifications and standards across operators and managers and ensure that the files are of consistently high quality.

Our focus is on Engineering companies in the Mechanical, Instrumentation, Oil and Piping industry and planning and development works of government.. We convert hand drawn, process drawings, schematics etc into perfect CAD drawings.

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